About Us

Our History

Mr. Malik Manzoor Ahmad founded the company, and started carpet manufacturing in 1968. Since the beginning, being a manufacturer and contractor was recalled, Managing Partner of Manzoor Carpets & International. Initially, the family set up its carpet manufacturing in Sialkot and Faisalabad. The office now is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Today, the company is operated by Mr. Manzoor himself and his two sons Ali Manzoor and Ahmad Manzoor, Both the sons are Partners in the firm and they both deal with the operations of the company, financials, purchasing and sales.Till late 80s the company concentrated on manufacturing and emerged as one of the substantial producers of high quality Sootri and Bukhara Rugs which were in great demand in those days. From 1990 onwards, the company adopted the diversity policy in its manufacturing; manufacturing Chobi in different qualities such as 9/9, 10/10, 12/12.


At Manzoor we specialize in Tribal, Traditional and Transitional rugs as there are limitless possibilities in this genre and the young generations around the world go for Transitional furniture”, said Mr Manzoor. Today, by using modern means of promotion, our business philosophy is geared towards making hand-knotted rugs accessible globally. Our prices are the lowest around without any compromise to the quality. 60% of Manzoor International Rugs products comprise reproductions of classical designs such as Ziegler and Caucasians Kazak Designs’ . Simultaneously, Manzoor International has also been making the Kazak Rugs in Finer weaves with improved colors and latest design to meet quality standards and needs of the worthy customers and in addition have added Gabbeh, Tribal Khal Mohammadi and Finer Weaves of Chobi as well in their Product Lines.

“Things change with the passage of time, but one thing that has remained constant over all these years at Manzoor is the commitment to the quality of the rugs and unparalleled service.”

Ware House of Manzoor International

The company has its own ware house in which almost every type and size of stock is present and stock taking is effectively done to keep the inventory updated. Some of the pictures of the ware house with products are given below:

Distribution Channels of Manzoor International

  We continue as a leader in the home furnishings industry with our ability to preserve the legacy of vanishing worlds while expressing a belief in emerging trends.For generations, our family has delivered high-quality rugs woven by masters of traditional design to the public. Today, our respect for artists gifted with old-world skills becomes one with our admiration for stylish and innovative collections.We pledge to continue our legacy of excellence and reverence for this ancient art’s pioneers while looking forward toward new discoveries and fresh advances.


 We supply to bulk retailers, retail stores, wholesale outlets, wholesale warehouses, and interior designers in USA, UK, Canada, Europe and South America.